Recycling And Waste Management Facilities  

Cost-effective waste management facilities designed and built by Collinson: for storage, processing, materials recovery and recycling


Waste Management And Recycling Centres

Waste management, materials recovery and recycling aren't just crucial to reducing urban and industrial waste:

They're subject to strict targets and binding progress plans. 

So it's essential that the waste management and recycling centres used to handle the waste materials are both cost-effective and efficient. 

(As well as weather-tight, resistant to corrosion and strong enough to handle wind and snow loadings.)

Fortunately, there's a solution that ticks all of these boxes:

A custom storage and processing facility from national specialists, Collinson.

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Recycling Facility Types

It's possible: material recycling facilities can be both efficient and affordable.
For waste management we have two models: steel-framed tensile buildings and steel-framed modular buildings.
As national specialists in tensile construction, our high strength steel-framed tensile structures are an ideal cost-effective choice for storing and processing waste. Here's why:

Swift And Affordable

Collinson tensile waste and recycling facilities have many benefits:
  • Less groundworks than portal frame alternatives
  • Fewer materials
  • Faster to build and simple to expand if more space is needed
  • Mainly prefabricated in a controlled factory environment 
  • Less maintenance throughout their lifecycle

All Waste Management

We design buildings for all forms of waste management, including:
  • Recyclate recovery and weatherproof storage
  • Drop-off collection centres
  • Salvage
  • Central collection sorting
  • e-Waste
  • Industrial and hazardous waste



Store Hazardous Materials

We custom-build waste and recycling buildings to store hazardous waste. Your building can be designed to both protect sensitive materials and resist corrosion.
The roofing will be a specialist heavy-duty architectural membrane with the option to integrate a second protective skin. The body framework will be galvanised steel and can be treated for enhanced corrosion resistance.
As standard, the building materials we use are designed to be durable. All of our membranes are UV and pollution resistant.

Specialist Team

By choosing a waste and recycling storage space from Collinson, you'll benefit from a swift and reliable team:
Both because they’re experienced, and because we’ve engineered our recycling centre construction process to disrupt your site as little as possible.

Large And Energy Efficient

Your tensile waste management facility can be built to any length and height. Unlike portal frames, it can be column-free up to 100 metres, freeing up valuable floor space.
It can also be naturally lit through a light-coloured membrane roof. So, you'll use less electric light and have a better working environment. 
Alternatively, opt for coloured membrane for branding or a blackout membrane to eliminate UV for sensitive material storage. 



Custom Facility Design

Because our design team are in-house, your recycling plant can be customised to your exact specification:
  • Internal fit-out as required including storage, handling and waste transfer
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • HVAC and thermal insulation
  • Doors of all types and sizes for personnel and vehicle access
  • Bespoke building shapes and profiles
  • Coloured membrane, cladding and logos


We're here to help with your waste management and recycling facility

With both bespoke and pre-engineered building solutions



Waste Facility Construction And Design

Because we’re a main contractor for waste and recycling processing facilities, we can offer a turnkey service: design, build, and internal fit-out.

Alternatively, we’re happy to work with your chosen architect or contractor.

It's our priority to make getting your recycling facility as simple as possible

 "I am very proud of what we have here and I know Collinson are, too.

"People ask me, 'Would I use Collinson again?' Definitely. I would also highly recommend them.

"We had an honest relationship and the result is an outstanding facility."

Andrew Francis, Estates and Finance Manager


Why Choose A Collinson Waste And Recycling Facility?

Experience Clipboard

National Specialists

We're highly experienced in creating functional and attractive buildings for both commercial and industrial clients. Many of our skillsets are in-house, ensuring reliable quality control and a smooth process. 

Our waste and recycling buildings comply with appropriate regulations and are engineered according to the conditions of your individual site, including climate, ground conditions and wind and snow loadings.


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Satisfied Clients

Throughout the UK you’ll find Collinson customers highly satisfied with the quality and delivery of their building.

In fact, many of our projects come from word of mouth.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and going the extra mile, including assistance with planning permission and ongoing support.

Collinson Reference Sites

Reference Sites

Because we maintain a good relationship with all clients through providing continuing support, we have multiple reference sites you can visit.

Even if the nearest site isn't in your sector, both the building quality and positive construction experience are evident across all of our projects.


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