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 Spacious and secure aircraft hangars, aircraft maintenance buildings, aviation storage hangars and air cargo loading facilities designed and built by national specialists, Collinson 


Custom Aircraft Hangars And Aviation Buildings

Aeroplanes and helicopters are expensive. Having the right facilities to protect, store and maintain them is key.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution:

Whether you’re private or commercial, Collinson aircraft buildings are ideal for aircraft storage, cargo loading or plane and helicopter maintenance and repair.

Here’s why:

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Cost-Effective Aircraft Hangar

By design Collinson tensile aircraft hangars are less expensive than conventional alternatives. They also:
  • Use fewer materials
  • Require less groundworks
  • Are quick to build and simple to expand
  • Need far less maintenance throughout their lifecycle
Collinson tensile structures have many other advantages, too.
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Spacious For Aircraft

Unlike conventional portal frame buildings, Collinson tensile aircraft hangars can be column-free up to 100 metres.
So, your valuable indoor space won’t be interrupted by internal pillars or supports.
We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of your available space. Ceiling height, building shape and building span can all be customised to suit you.
40m Hangar with Vertical doors_416x268

Reliable Protection

UV, salt spray and heat exposure can all damage aircraft over time, landing you with hefty respray and refurbishment bills. 
Our specialist roof fabric has a 240um protective layer, giving triple the UV and pollution protection of a standard membrane (usually 80um).
Collinson hangars are weatherproof and have withstood recorded windspeeds of 130mph, ideal for indoor MRO in poor conditions.
Inside Aircraft Hangar 416px

Flexible Design

Because our design team are in-house, your building can be fully customised whilst complying with aircraft hangar design standards:
  • Doors of all types and sizes
  • Bespoke building shapes and profiles
  • Coloured membrane, cladding and logos
  • HVAC and thermal insulation
Fabric Aircraft Hangar 416px

Energy Efficient Aircraft Building

Should you choose a light-coloured membrane, your fabric aviation building will let natural light inside, giving you:
Colourful Aeroplane Structure 416px

Shorter Construction Time

Many of the components of our structures are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment.
As well as ensuring high quality and consistency, it also means our team can assemble your aircraft building quickly and efficiently—because they’re experienced, and because we’ve engineered our process to disrupt your aviation site as little as possible.


We're here to help with your aircraft hangar project

With both bespoke and pre-engineered building solutions



Aircraft Hangar Design And Construction

Because we’re a main aviation building contractor, we can both design and construct your aircraft building. 

Alternatively, we’re happy to work with your chosen architect or contractor.

It's our priority to make getting your new aircraft building as simple as possible

 "Collinson tailored a great solution to meet our requirements.

When the build commenced they kept us fully informed at regular meetings, and worked amiably with other contractors appointed by us, to ensure the project was completed to meet BBC Worldwide's Deadline."

Cardiff City Council Representative


Why Choose A Collinson Aircraft Hangar?

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National Specialists

We're highly experienced in creating functional and attractive buildings for both commercial and industrial clients. Many of our skillsets are in-house, ensuring reliable quality control and a smooth process. 

Our aircraft buildings comply with appropriate regulations and are engineered according to the conditions of your individual site, including climate, ground conditions and wind and snow loadings.


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Satisfied Clients

Throughout the UK you’ll find Collinson customers highly satisfied with the quality and delivery of their building.

In fact, many of our projects come from word of mouth.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and going the extra mile, including assistance with planning permission and ongoing support.

Collinson Reference Sites

Reference Sites

Because we maintain a good relationship with all clients through providing continuing support, we have multiple reference sites you can visit.

Even if the nearest site isn't in your sector, both the building quality and positive construction experience are evident across all of our projects.

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